Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's meant to help...

... and it might!

I just finished intense rounds of rehab:

Continued home therapy includes: weight lifting, playing cards and games like battle ship, and working with my 'Theraputty'....

Continued home therapy includes: writing some each day, reading a page of anything aloud each day while concentrating on my articulation and breathing....

Continued home therapy includes: leg exercises with theraband, standing/sitting/walking... but, also to continue with the Orthopedic Physical Therapist and try and get my hip/pelvis/skeletal issues resolved.
The posterior superior iliac spine lies over the sacroiliac joint, so patients with sacroiliac joint-mediated pain usually localise their pain around the posterior superior iliac spine. (  Apperently the joint is bothering me due to a rotated pelvis - Symptoms of sacroiliac joint syndrome  and I'm to correct the pelvis with a series of stretches and by activating the muscles.

Can I stand tonight?  Not well, or comfortably.  I believe there's a 'that's too much' line we crossed today while getting me discharged.  Realistically, they aren't going to correct me in 6 weeks - frankly, they'll never 'fix' me... remember, I have ms.  But, we can hope and work to maintain what I currently can do, and all the therapists thoroughly enjoyed my son, and he them; as he made double use of their therapy aids, brought laughs and helped me with my exercises.

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